Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Lutz Stengel and Holger Jess win 2018 SAP 505 World Championship

The Germans Lutz Stengel and Holger Jess stayed in Gdynia as the new world champions in class 505. The second position was finally taken by the gold medalists from before the year Americans Mike Holt and Rob Woelfel. 

On Friday, the last two races of SAP 505 Worlds 2018 - world class 505 championships, which took place in Gdynia on July 22-27, were successfully carried out. Competitors and organizers after the first day of competition had a forced two days break due to too low wind. Whereas later the weather was already favorable for sailors and eventually all the planned races were managed.

The new champions of the world were Germany Lutz Stengel and Holger Jess, who finished the first day of the race in the second position with a two-point loss to the leaders. However, in the following days they won as many as four races and it turned out that on Thursday they secured their final triumph, so they gave up on Friday starts. They could afford it because they had not had any major slip in the form of a weak spot before, so the two absences in the Friday races went to the outcast.

Well, regattas began defending the title Mike Holt and Rob Woelfel from the United States, who after Sunday races were at the head of the rate of 127 yachts from 14 countries. Then they did not go so well and mainly lost their chance of repeating the success as a result of weaker places seized on Thursday. On Friday, the Americans twice crossed the finish line in fourth place and maintained the second place, giving them silver medals. 

On the other hand, the German team, Jan-Philipp Hofmann and Felix Bjoern Brockerhoff, jumped on the third-tier stage of the podium. They won the first race on the last day of the competition, and in the second stage they reached the fifth position.

Jakub Pawluk and Marcin Józefowski were the highest ranked Polish crew, who finished on thirty-second and forty-first on Friday and finished the championship on the thirty-sixth place. 

The organizers of the championships were the Polish Sailing Association, the City of Gdynia and the Polish Class 505 Association. The titular sponsor was the SAP company, and the media patronage over the event was Ż 

Maciej Frąckiewicz

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