Jib Sheeting

You need to ensure your boat can sheet the jib correctly for the full range of conditions. That is you will need to be able to adjust the jib sheet lead both inboard/outboard and fore/aft. This is generally done with a barber hauler system which moves the first block that the jib sheet is fed through.


In and Out range.

from 45mmย  out to around 75mm.

measured from the centre of the boat (the centreboard edge is a good point to measure from)













Fore and Aft range

from a forward position of ?? back to an aft most position of ??

There are many different ways to achieve these measurements. However your boat is rigged if you donโ€™t have the ability to move the jib sheeting position through the above range you may struggle to set up the boat properly in certain conditions.

This short video shows a jib sheeting position being moved outboard.

  • ย This video shows the jib sheeting position being moved aft.