Boat Configuration

The 5o5 is a beautifully balanced and sweet boat to sail but if it needs to be set up for the conditions to experience it properly. There are a myriad of different ways people lay out the various controls but however you control the rig and sail adjustments you MUST be able to control some key things and you MUST be able to move those controls through a certain range. So the starting point to setting up your boat to enjoy and be fast is to ensure you can achieve this. Here you will find out what the most important measurements are and how to measure them properly.

Once you have the right configuration as discussed below, you will be ready to work on actually sailing and the specific setup for boat speed in the different conditions. Select the Tuning option for more. 

Tuning a 505 and seeing the performance improvements when it is properly tuned is very rewarding but if you cant actually achieve the key measurements you will not be able to tune the boat properly on the water. Take the time to check your boat has the capacity to achieve the ranges detailed in the Boat Configuration Menu.